BHO, Budder, water hash, extractions dry Jelly Hash

BHO, Budder, water hash, extractions dry Jelly Hash
Extractions of marijuana resin are techniques that allow us to separate the trichomes from other plant matter, once bonded, will form shown great strength and quality, coveted by every lover of the resins.
These samples are ideal for anyone who enjoys the aroma of marijuana, but the flavors preferred resins, more subtle and sweet, especially if we talk about well cured resins extracted from grass. Also, save the plant material to occupy much less space and are much more discreet to store and transport, plus the fact that we eliminate elements in the combustion process (if smoke it in a cigarette or in a pipe).
There are different types of extractions, with different characteristics, basically differentiated by the method and materials used to achieve the end result.
BHO, Budder; butane gas extractions
These marijuana concentrates are obtained by a steel tube or borosilicate, grassy, ​​bored on one side and with an inlet valve for a bottle of butane gas (without impurities!). Butane, being a nonpolar solvent (water is a polar solvent, it is not capable of dissolving the resin), is able to drag the glands of marijuana, depositing them in a container that will collect the outgoing liquid tube. Once we get all the resulting liquid, just we have to evaporate all the gas, purging the sample well.
There are two ways to perform this step, starting with the most basic, collecting the gas in a tray of Pyrex (borosilicate) as large as possible, to be located on a pot of water to about 60-80 ° C, heat to get Butane speed evaporation. It is important not to exceed this temperature, but also not drop it, as it is intended to achieve remove all the gas as quickly as possible without altering the flavor of BHO, which may decrease if we heat excessively.
VERY IMPORTANT: Perform this process in a well-ventilated and away from any source of flame or heat. That is, no smoking throughout the process, nothing to use gas stoves; we recommend using electric irons (for cooking) or a ceramic.
Another way currently booming through the process for its comfort and simplicity, is to purge using a compressor and a vacuum chamber. This form of purging allows us to lower the temperature, thus keeping its aromatic terpene resin, avoiding losing flavor. The only thing to remember is that you first need to pre vent the gas water bath, until we get a dense but liquid oil. At that moment, we will parchment paper and we will put it in the vacuum chamber, making sure we kept this viscous texture without crystallizing, necessary for the vacuum to extract the gas from the resin.
The Budder, moreover, is a format of the BHO, achieved emulsionándolo and purging, so we got a resin that has lost its transparency acquiring a waxy, sandy as butter. Performing this extra step to BHO, its volume decreases slightly, but its flavor increases exponentially, making it more flavorful and aromatic than the original BHO.
Extractions of hashish ice
This extraction method using meshes of different extractions micronage resin and water at 0-4 ° C, for freeze arising trichomes and hashish to make ice more easily.
Water hash
The process needs a bucket, a bara to remove the set and mesh extraction choice (two screens, large and small micron, to take a single quality, or up to 9 screens to get 8 different qualities), which is will introduce in the bucket low to high micron, and the bag is superior to the others we introduce grass and cold water and ice cubes, and we hope that everything is cool to the right temperature, to start stirring for 15 minutes . Repeat will rest 5 minutes and 15 minutes. We continue with the process to remove 4 times. You can also get the grass with cold water in a separate bucket, stir well to mix without fear of breaking the net.
And presto! We started out the nets, one by one. The grass booked to the next pass. The following screens should be drained, leaving out all the water, staying inside the cube, and once empty, the outside we press with paper towels to drain the maximum. Now only will we chop the resin on cardboard and let it dry well 15 days in complete darkness. Once dry, compacted and we can work it manually to get the ball format or acorn.
Dry extraction of hashish
Dry Extraction
Dry Extraction
That is, simply extractions performed by mechanical action, without any intermediary or solvent product that we collect the glands. Just need a mesh of a given micron and vibration strength, either by using a basic extractor PolenMaker type, one more elevarodo as xs Rotator extractor Electric resin with rotating drum and an exhaust traditional design type Tam Tam, which percussion used as a tool for removal. It is recommended to freeze the grass a few hours, or before each pass before handling to increase the amount of resin obtained.
An alternative method is using pellets (and scales) of dry ice, ie solid state CO2, which is often used to manufacture artificial fog in concerts and shows. It has the distinction of being at very low temperatures but going directly to gas to melt, leaving no liquid remains. We just need a mesh, the type used for water extraction, which will be filled with marijuana and which add dry ice. We will place the mesh bag on a surface where we can collect the trichomes, and zarandeamos until the dry ice dissipates completely.
Extraction of resin mixture: Jellyhash
In addition to the pure forms discussed above, we can get interesting mixtures thereof, getting different aromatic fillings and textures.
The most desired is the resulting dry mixing hashish with a small amount of BHO, which will act as a binder, while adding smoothness and malleability to the mix, resulting from a hash similar to that carried water texture but softer and reddish, and really very aromatic, combining terpenes dry extraction with the scent of resin and the power of BHO. A real treat that requires effort for both extractions, but he deserves.
Jelly Hash
One option would be using more oily water hash without compacting with BHO.
Another twist to the process would be mixed with dry resin extracted Budder to achieve further increase the aromatic power of both components.

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