How to Make THC Vape Oil, E-Juice and from Cannabis Wax Concentrates or Shatter

How to Turn Your Wax Concentrate Into Liquid You Can Vape
While the legalization of medical marijuana is still up for debate in many parts of the country, no one can doubt how far the industry has come in recent years. Today, medical marijuana is legal in 29 different states, as well as D.C., and due to its rising acceptance, the industry has undergone a complete transformation. The range of products you can use to medicate with today is both vast and diverse just check your MMJ allotment. Not only can you choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, but you can also medicate with edibles, topical creams, and concentrates.

If you’re looking for a potent product that will give you an intense high, concentrates, like marijuana wax, are the real deal. By turning your wax into a liquid that you can vape, you can reap the benefits of a faster, better high that’s as discreet as it is satisfying. Want to learn more? Sit back and prepare to be enlightened.

What is Marijuana Wax Anyway?

Marijuana wax is a soft, opaque concentrate that’s derived from extracted cannabis oil. Wax can take on a number of consistencies based on the heat, it’s moisture content, and the texture that the cannabis oil had before residual solvents were removed. Because of these differences, each variety of wax has earned it’s own moniker. For instance, wax that is particularly runny or oily is called “budder”, wax that’s more dry and clumpy is called “crumble”, and wax that takes on a flat and glassy appearance is referred to as “shatter”.

Concentrates = A Faster, Better High

e-cigarette-1301664_960_720Marijuana wax is arguably one of the strongest — if not THE strongest — forms of medical marijuana on the market today. As reported by CNBC, while regular marijuana might contain 15-18% THC (the psychoactive element in marijuana), cannabis concentrates like wax can contain upwards to 80%, or even 90%, THC. By turning your marijuana wax into a liquid that you can vape, you’ll have a clean, intensely potent product that results in a faster, better high.

If you haven’t used concentrates before, here’s a word of advice: start out with a small amount. A tiny dab of wax can be much stronger than a full bowl of the flower you’re used to, and while overconsumption isn’t fatal, the side effects are far from desirable. Pay attention to the amount of THC that’s in your wax, and always prioritize responsible dosing methods.

Warning: Making Wax at Home

It’s legal to make your own marijuana wax at home, but it can be difficult and requires the use of some dangerous chemicals. Numerous explosions, injuries, and deaths have been linked to amateur extraction experiments in the past few years. Be responsible, and don’t take the risk. Unless you’re experienced at creating your own concentrates, buy your marijuana wax from a professional dispensary.

Where to Get Your Concentrate

The best place to get your marijuana wax is from a local, well-trusted dispensary. Some reputable medical marijuana dispensaries, like TOPS Cannabis, even offer full service delivery! Just look for a dispensary in your area that has years of experience in the industry, good reviews, and an eclectic menu for you to try out. Today, most dispensaries carry a wide selection of dabs and cannabis extracts for you to choose from.

Why You Should Vape Your Weed Instead of Smoking It

When it comes to your health, vaping marijuana wax is a much healthier alternative to smoking a conventional joint or smoking your dabs from a bong. Why? It’s easier on your lungs. No matter what type of material you burn (marijuana leaves, a concentrate, or cigarettes) numerous chemicals are created during the combustion process. These chemicals, which can be harmful to your health, are then inhaled along with the smoke and soot from the product you’re smoking.

When you vape, there’s a big difference. Vaporizers will heat your marijuana-infused e-juice at a low temperature — meaning there’s effectively no burning or combustion of any kind taking place. The vapor that’s produced contains all of the marijuana’s medical components, without any of the harmful byproducts. Vaping your marijuana instead of smoking it can decrease your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and many other smoking related health conditions.

Vaping Can Also Be Healthier Than Consuming Edibles

Edibles are another popular way to consume cannabis. However, most cannabis-infused edible products are high in sugar and packed with calories. While the gummies, brownies, and cookies may be enticing for those with a sweet tooth, individuals who are on a no-sugar diet due to health restrictions are left in the lurch. Some dispensaries offer sugar-free edibles, but they’re not always an option. Vaping, on the other hand, is a 100% calorie-free, sugar-free way to get the dose of medical marijuana you need, time and time again.

Crave Diversity? Explore the World of Flavor Extracts

Another thing that’s great about turning your marijuana wax into an e-liquid is that you have the freedom to go flavorless, as well as experiment with a variety of flavor extracts. Depending on where you shop for your materials, you can find fruity flavors like blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and mango, along with other popular picks like vanilla, honey, amaretto, and cotton candy. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite flavor, or you crave diversity in your regimen, exploring the world of flavor extracts can be very rewarding.

Vaping Your Wax is the Ultimate Form of Discretion

Smoking a joint in public is like going down the street with your sirens blaring. It’s nearly impossible to be discreet, and the stigma around its use forces many medicators to stay trapped in the confines of their own home when medicating. However, when you turn your favorite wax into a marijuana infused e-juice, you can take your meds with you on-the-go, with no fear of being hassled. Marijuana-infused e-liquids emit no smell when being vaporized, making it the ultimate form of discretion.

How to Turn Your Wax Into E-Liquid

Now that you’ve discovered a few of the main reasons why marijuana wax stands apart from other cannabis products — and what you can gain from vaping it — it’s time to try it out for yourself! By following this simple, step-by-step guide, you can easily turn your favorite wax into a liquid that you can vape. Here are the tools you’ll need for the process:

Required Materials

  • Extract Solution
  • Glass Mixing Container
  • Stirrer
  • Hot Plate (Substitute: a Lighter or a Torch)
  • Scale
  • Vape Cartridge
  • Marijuana Concentrate

You can gather each material individually, or opt for a premade kit. Starter kits and e-liquid samplers contain a number of essentials, including a bottle of extract solution, a syringe (which doubles as a stirrer), a glass mixing container, and a plastic, easy-to-dispense bottle. Sampler packs are also a good investment, as they allow you to try a number of flavored or flavorless options at a lower cost.

Set Up Your Station

Once you have your materials, it’s time to designate a clean, safe space for you to do your work in. Make sure your area is free of clutter and large enough for you to comfortably move around in before you begin. Once you’ve found your spot, lay out your materials for easy access every step of the way.

Advice About Ratios

As you might have guessed from the materials on the list, the easiest way for you to turn your wax into a liquid is by using an emulsifier (an extract solution). There are many different types of emulsifiers available on the market, and while most of them work the same, it is important to note that some require different ratios of wax to solution in order to create an ideal mixture. In this guide, the sample ratio is from a product by Vapeur Terp. They require less emulsifier solution to concentrate ratio. Review the ratio instructions from your product before you use it.
Shatter Extract Concentrates
Start Measuring

Use your scale to weigh your concentrate, and then add it to your glass mixing container. Next, measure out double the amount of extract solution and then add that to your glass container as well. Your measurements don’t have to be exactly on the mark, but a 2:1 ratio is ideal for most extract solutions (2 parts solution, 1 part wax).

Start the Melting Process

Once you have your wax and extract solution combined, place the glass container on top of your heating plate and turn the heat on low. It’s important that you do not exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit when melting down your wax. If your plate is too hot, you can risk burning your product. Aim for a low, slow heat.

If you don’t have access to a hot plate, you can use a lighter or a torch to heat up the contents of your glass mixing container. Be careful not to burn yourself or heat your mixture too rapidly. While alternative heating methods get the job done, they also diminish your control.

Finishing It Off

Once your wax begins to melt, start stirring the contents within your glass container. Continue heating the mixture on low until the wax fully melts, and stir until the mixture becomes completely homogenous.

Upon completion of the melting and mixing phase, remove the glass container from your heat source and set it aside to cool. Once completely cooled, you can fill the syringe with the marijuana-infused e-liquid you’ve created and transfer it to your cartridge. This DIY liquid is compatible with most e-juice vape pens.

Try Out This Method Today!

Whether you’re using medical marijuana to treat glaucoma, epilepsy, or Alzheimer’s disease, soothe your chronic pain, or counter the side effects of chemotherapy, vaping marijuana wax can be a game changer. If your current regimen isn’t getting you by, or you’re simply looking to change up your weed experience, try this method for yourself. It’s simple, easy, and produces a high quality product every time.

Author Bio: Kurt Darrell

Kurt Darrell is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s an avid advocate for medical marijuana usage for years and enjoys educating others about its various benefits and uses. When he’s not writing, he’s usually tending to his plants



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