What is Terpe Sauce?

THC Terp Sauce
THC Terp Sauce vs Live Resin

What is Terpe Sauce?

Terp sauce is a cannabis extract eaten, drank as a tea, or used in cooking. It can also be infused into a beverage like wine or beer.

Terpe Sauce Extraction

Terpenes and cannabinoids can be extracted using any extraction method; they are not exclusive to terp sauce. Terpenes can also be extracted using other methods like butane extraction, CO2 extraction, and others.

Making terp sauce is essentially the same for all alcohol-based extracts, regardless of the type of alcohol used. The cannabis plant is ground up into a fine powder, and the oil or wax is then extracted from the plant material. Then the oil is separated from the plant wax. The terpenes and the cannabinoids are then pressed out of the extracted oil or wax.

  • When using alcohols to extract cannabinoids and terpenes, one must keep them separate as they evaporate when exposed to air. The alcohol must be kept in a sealed container.
  • When using alcohol or ethanol to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes, the temperature of the cannabis used must be above 235 °F (111 °C).

Otherwise, there will be a loss in quality and effectiveness of the extract.Terp sauce has been used in cooking and ingested as an edible since before the 1960s.  There are many reasons why people use terpenes and cannabinoids, like CBD & THC, as an ingredient in their recipes or infuse them into what they eat or drink.

Terp Sauce vs Live Resin

Terpe Sauce Preparation

Terp sauce is made by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant with either alcohol (such as Distilled Alcohol), Isopropyl Alcohol, or food-grade ethanol according to Cloud Cover Cannabis. The different types of alcohol produce sauces with different tastes and effects. The preparation method of terp sauce varies depending on the cook and their taste. Cooking with terpenes is similar to cooking with any other liquid but can be more difficult because of the alcohol.

Terp sauce can be used as an alternative to edibles when unavailable or you don’t have time to wait for them. It is also a more effective way to use cannabis than smoking it, especially if smoking cannabis is not your preference.

Terp sauce is easy to make if you use the right process. The process of making it doesn’t change regardless if you are using alcohol or other types of extracts. So long as it is done correctly, there should be no problems when preparing a batch of terp sauce.

General Terpe Sauce comparisons

One of the main reasons you may choose terp juice over other options is that it is much stronger than other extracts. Generally, it is advised to make sure the terpenes you are using are of top quality. When your terp juice is strong, the effects will be strong. Purchasing terp juice with a high percentage of THC and CBD will make your experience more potent and pleasant says the writers at Leafly.

The main difference between terp juice and live resin is that terp juice is made by blending different types of live resin. A live resin is essentially a liquid cannabis extract, but it can be extracted from whole plant material instead of hash or wax. Terp sauce is essentially a blend of live resins.

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