Harvest of Tempe Dispensary

Harvest of Tempe Dispensary

screenshot-harvestoftempe-com-website-menuThere should be a disclosure here that we love Harvest of Tempe dispensary so much we visited there from Chandler AZ repeatedly. Not because they paid us but because they resonated best with our staff for overall experience. In fact, it is out only 9/10 rating to date. 10/10 is almost impossible to attain unless you give our marijuana writers 3 ounces of free meds…   😉
Right out of the gate harvest seemed to “get it” when it opened its doors to the public. Their rewards program is spot on and it is very easy to get a free 8th of meds every few months. Their Bhang edibles are affordable and their flowers range from affordable strains to the ultimate in top shelf the “VERDE GREEN” hybrid strain these folks invented.


Harvest is what you wish every medical marijuana dispensary experience would be. That is its fast, reasonably priced flowers, super inviting people and check in area. However be warned this is not a place to sit and chill. In fact there is only a bench to sit on in the entry way and no seating in the locked budtender room. If you need to sit often and want to meet other like minded souls this is not the place to hang out.
harvest-tempe-leafly-dispensaries-reviewsIt is a quaint space with great accents, architecture and color schemes that provide a stress free, clean and safe place to purchase medical marijuana in the Phoenix Metro Area.


Like most places to buy “legal weed” this dispensary is not much different in that it also offers the 2 door access to medicine. The first door is almost always opened right when you walk up from the inside often it with a huge welcoming smile from a very friendly and professional greeter.
In the small waiting area you provide your card and then they unlock the door to the cannabis counters. (It is important to note that the same greeter opens the second door as well) This really lends to a feeling of service and security a great balance for mature medical marijuana patients and chronic pain suffers.
I have never seen a gun on anyone’s hip at this place and that’s a great thing. They also do not hire part time bar or club bouncers for their security. If I had to guess Harvests security/greeters are patients or former LEOs. Either way you are in kind hands and they always smile.
As one of the first Scottsdale dispensaries we visited back in the summer of 2011 when I first received my MMJ patient card was Monarch. I was much more “green” when it came to dispensaries in general and budtenders.
The budtenders at Harvest Tempe are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful but most are college age patients. This does not correlate to a lack of knowledge, but if you are a long time user you may find their strain knowledge a bit lacking. However, this is more than made up for by incredible politeness and an eagerness to please and to ask the more senior budtenders if a question stumps them.


All of Harvest’s bud strains are organically grown and are pesticide free.
All of Harvest’s bud strains are organically grown and are pesticide free. You can taste this difference in every vape and bong hit. Most of the Cannabisser team does not cook their own edibles yet but we would assume the purity and clean cannabinoids transfer to this delivery system as well.
Best Strains:
Harvest really does not carry ditch weed or ”dirt weed” as well like to refer to buds that obviously get transported in brick form. So of course the top shelf is fantastic but so are the more value friendly strains.
Verde Electric H
20.09% THC
No talk about harvest is complete with-out a light discussion about the Verde Electric medical marijuana cannabis strain. It’s fantastic but is susceptible to poor yields. Every now and then the growers don’t cultivate the best so as your budtender how the strain is before you purchase it at the.
This happens a lot. You try an eighth of a new strain and love it. Next month when you go to get buds it’s a different yield and a dud. Save your cash and ask about the batch in relation to its best archetype before purchasing superior strains at any dispensary in California, Arizona, Colorado, or Oregon.
If you do not live in Tempe this is not the best location to visit. It is far from all freeways except the 10 so if you are in the East valley you will have a long drive. If you live near Rural and Elliot Rd then this is one of  the best Phoenix Arizona Dispensaries for 2015 in our opinion.
Overall Rating : Harvest Tempe Dispensary 9/10
Do you work for Harvest Dispensary in Tempe?  Would you like the Cannabisser team smoker to review your dispensary again?  Let us know here

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