Medical Marijuana to be Legalized in Australia November 2016

Medical Cannabis to be legalized in Australia November 2016


Thankfully Canada is now a legal marijuana country, however before them there was Australia.

Therapeutic Good Administration decided to make the formal decision legalize the use of medicinal cannabis last week in Austrailia. Their final decision was published early last week Wednesday. It is said it will be completely controlled and will be legalized in November of this year. The federal government is working hard at creating a national regulator in time for November.

Medicinal Cannabis can help patients with relief moderately with their chronic pain and spasticity and reduce chemotherapy-related nausea potentially. There have been many successful clinical trials to help support these findings.

This may sound like good news to people with chronic pain and other medicinal diseases medicinal cannabis can help, but medicinal cannabis campaigner and United in Compassion co-founder, Lucy Haslam fears for the worst.

For suffering patients, it may be awhile before there is a fully-functioning system that will allow them to have access to cannabis and cannabis-related drugs. _ See Nick Diaz Suspension
Haslam has told Fairfax Media that it was a long road to go down to get Cannabis legalized and said their final decision was an “essential step in the process”, but she is concerned that the legalization of cannabis cold be “so bound up in red tape” that it may not even be useful.

She also fears the price. Her fear is that once the industry gets their hands on it, medicinal cannabis patients won’t be able affordable for the people in need of it.

She also has stated that there are a lot of doctors and physicians who still feel very uncomfortable prescribing the drug and says there is much more educating that needs to be done on their part.

The people of Australia like medical cannabis dispensaries will have to wait for November to find out how the industry will affect their chances of getting the drug and getting it prescribed to them.
This decision was made after the Federal Parliament allowed the Narcotic Drugs Act to allow cannabis to be legally grown and produced for medicinal purposes in Australia.

Keep in mind; non-medicinal cannabis will still be illegal. There are also similar products that will still be illegal to use – drugs including morphine – unless it was prescribed by a doctor for a therapeutic purpose.

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