Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws

Maryland dispensary for medical cannabisMaryland Medical Marijuana Laws 2023-2022

Marijuana laws have become much more lax in recent years throughout the country, but each state has different regulations and restrictions. In Maryland, medial marijuana is legal, and small quantities of recreational marijuana are decriminalized. If you live in Maryland, you should understand what the state’s laws are regarding recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, CBD, and cannabis cultivation.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Maryland

Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Maryland, but the state has decriminalized small amounts. In 2014, the state legislature passed the Senate Bill 364, making the possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana a civil offense. If you’re found with this quantity of recreational marijuana, the maximum fine you’ll face is $100.

However, possessing larger quantities is a criminal offense in Maryland. People who are caught with 10 grams to 50 pounds of marijuana can be charged with a misdemeanor. The penalty is up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Possessing more than 50 pounds of marijuana is a felony.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Maryland

Maryland legalized medical marijuana in 2014 with House Bill 881. There are specific criteria patients must meet in order to legally purchase medical marijuana. The regulations are created by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in collaboration with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

The law approves certain conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana. Some of the approved illnesses include seizures, PTSD, glaucoma, chronic pain, and severe muscle spasms. The legislation also states that physicians can approve medical marijuana for any severe condition for which other treatments are unsuccessful.

First, patients need a written certification from a physician. Then, they can register with the state of Maryland, which will allow them to buy medical marijuana. Children who meet the criteria can use medical marijuana in Maryland.

Patients can legally possess up to 120 grams of medical marijuana, but physicians can make an exception if they determine that the patient needs more. Medical marijuana can be vaporized, or patients can purchase it in the form of an extract, tincture, lotion, or ointment.

CBD Laws in Maryland

CBD products that are derived from hemp were made federally legal in 2018, so Maryland residents can purchase hemp-derived CBD oil and similar products. However, because recreational marijuana is illegal in the state, marijuana-derived CBD products are unavailable.

Cultivation Laws in Maryland

Maryland has outlawed growing marijuana both for personal and for medical use patients. Only licensed hemp farmers are authorized to cultivate the plant. House Bill 443, which was passed in April 2016, also allows educational institutions to cultivate hemp for academic research purposes. In 2018, the state legislature passed the Maryland Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program with House Bill 698, which allows hemp cultivation by individuals who are partnering with an educational institution for research.

Like many other states, Maryland has legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized recreational marijuana, but large quantities of marijuana can lead to criminal charges. These laws may change in the coming years, so Maryland residents should stay up-to-date on current legislation.

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