How Cannabis Capsules are Made and Used

Experienced cannabis smokers often raise an eyebrow at the idea of dosing with capsules the first time the prospect of doing so is mentioned to them. And while nothing can replace the taste of cannabis smoke, a lot can be said about the highly efficient doses that can be obtained by way of cannabis capsules.

Cannabis users considering a switch to capsules will often want a lot of questions answered before committing to the change. We have taken the time to explain some of the main aspects of this new delivery system and explain why cannabis capsules may be a good addition to the medicinal arsenal of an individual.

A Simple Reformulation

There is nothing complicated about understanding the concept behind cannabis capsules. Cannabis capsules consist of high-quality cannabis extract added to a neutral oil. The oil used to fill out the capsule may differ among capsule producers, but medium-chain triglycerides are often the oil of choice. Cannabis users familiar with tinctures should know that the concept behind capsules and tinctures are not too different.

Cannabis users who depend on the plant product as part of their regular regimen for self-care know that it can sometimes become difficult to ensure the desired dose is received when it is vaped or smoked. Capsules eliminate this challenge by providing users with a highly specific dosage that is available in small and convenient packages.

Understanding Differences Between Inhalation and Capsule Ingestion

The THC, THCA and the and CBD from cannabis that is vaped or smoked are absorbed rapidly into the lungs. When a user provides themselves with self-care through a capsule, cannabis is metabolized in the liver before its byproducts enter the bloodstream. This fact means it will take a bit longer for you to experience the effects of the plant. You will also notice that the benefits of capsules last a lot longer than smoking once they begin.

The long-lasting effects of cannabis capsules are one of the top reasons for their use by people who need long-term relief for a variety of conditions that include anxiety, chronic pain, and problems with the digestive system.

You can expect to wait as long as 90 minutes to receive the full benefits of cannabis when taken through a capsule. But once the maximum effects become apparent, they can last anywhere from five to 12 hours. It may be reassuring for anyone worried about being “high” for too long to understand that it is unlikely they will experience the full psychoactive effects of THC for half a day. However, cannabis ingested through a capsule will affect you in other ways for at least twice the amount of time as it would if you chose to inhale the smoke.

The times mentioned above are only averages. These averages are affected by several factors that include the age of the capsule taker, the food a person eats before taking a capsule, experience with cannabis, and the ingestion of any other medications. For example, consuming a meal that is high in fat content near the time you take a cannabis capsule will both reduce the onset time for the medication and increase the length of its effects. This fact is one of the reasons that cannabis authorities suggest a minimum of three hours between each capsule dose.

Users new to capsules should also plan their day after taking a capsule in a way that demonstrates an understanding that the effects they experience will likely be more intense than when they smoke. People who have shown they possess a high level of sensitivity to cannabis in the past should remain especially conscious of this fact.

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