Trulieve Open’s Its First Columbus Dispensary in Ohio

Brace Yourself, Ohio! The First Medical Cannabis Dispensary from Trulieve is About to Launch

As Ohio’s medical cannabis program continues to thrive, Trulieve is gearing up to make a significant impact by breaking into the Ohio market. We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to provide patients with access to premium medical cannabis products at cost-effective prices to address a variety of medical and therapeutic requirements.

Opening Soon in Columbus, OH A series of medical cannabis dispensaries will be launched by Trulieve across the state, commencing with our Columbus dispensary in OH! Keep an eye out for more information. 8295 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH 43081 – Launching in 2023

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Process to Acquire an Ohio Medical Card: While you wait, ensure your enrollment in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program to legally access medical cannabis. Here are the steps to obtain your medical card: · Consult a licensed physician who can certify that you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and have them establish your profile in the Patient & Caregiver Registry. · Authenticate and finalize your registration for the program via the Patient & Caregiver Registry. Check out the MMCP website in Ohio for additional information.

Introducing Trulieve’s Medical Director in Your State! Dr. William Troutt is a naturopathic medical doctor with a specialization in medical cannabis-informed medicine and therapy, working exclusively in the medical cannabis industry since 2010 starting in Florida. He has consulted with thousands of patients, gaining significant hands-on experience in effective medical cannabis use and treatment.

Dr. Troutt also acts as an informative resource within the medical community, conducting formal lectures on effective use of medical cannabis, including presenting on medical cannabis and seizure disorders at the Mayo Clinic, and discussing medical cannabis for palliative care during cancer treatment at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is also a co-founder of the Medical Marijuana Research Institute and is the Executive Director for the organization Harvesting Hope. Dr. Troutt is looking forward to guiding and aiding all medical cannabis patients in Ohio.

“The Trulieve team, medical staff, and I are incredibly excited to serve Ohio,” said Dr. Troutt, “We committed to medical marijuana programs to maximize a fantastic opportunity to enhance individual lives and communities. I take great pride in being part of a network of cannabis patients and advocates nationwide that are making such a profound impact and am privileged to help bring access and relief where it’s needed through these new locations.”

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