New Jersey Recreational Cannabis Laws

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As outlined in the CREAMM(Cannabis Regulatory Enforcement Assistance and Marketplace Modernization) Act, cannabis is now considered a controlled substance in New Jersey. It is, therefore, subject to the same laws and regulations as all other controlled substances.

Who can Purchase Marijuana in New Jersey?

Everyone 21 years and older can buy marijuana, but only if they have an ID from a state that has legalized marijuana.

Where Can I Purchase It?

Marijuana Dispensaries in New Jersey like Apothecarium can sell marijuana flowers and cannabis-infused products like marijuana cookies and brownies. The dispensaries can also sell cannabis-related items such as pipes, rolling papers, grinders, vapes, and herbal vaporizers.

What Can I Get?

The weed dispensary in NJ is not allowed to sell the following:

1) Marijuana buds.
2) Concentrate or hashish oil.
3) Marijuana edibles or food made with marijuana.

How Much Does Marijuana Cost?

If you want to purchase weed from a New Jersey dispenser, you’ll pay about $500 for an ounce.
The taxation on weed in New Jersey includes:

• 6.625% sales tax on recreational marijuana products.
• 12% sales tax on a product that can get infused with THC. (Edibles, candies, extracts)
• 15% sales tax on products that contain CBD oil. (Condensed CBD oil, which is a mere derivative of the cannabis plant)

Are Dispensaries Required to Keep Track of What I Buy?

New Jersey State Flag
New Jersey State Flag

The government requires medical marijuana dispensaries to keep track of all marijuana dispensed.

It is important to know that no one, including law enforcement officials or other authorities, has access to information about your identity. The ONLY information is the quantity and strain of medication purchased by number.

Besides that, dispensaries must maintain adequate security precautions to deter and prevent theft, diversion, or loss of controlled medical marijuana.

Where is it Legal to Smoke?

Public consumption is not legal in New Jersey. You cannot smoke marijuana at a playground, school, or daycare center. You can smoke marijuana at your place per the regulations set by your housing authority.

Can You Import it From Another State?

No. Marijuana possession, sale, and manufacture are still illegal in most states under all circumstances. Moreover, certain states prohibit the transportation of marijuana across their state borders.
Transporting marijuana across state borders can lead to felony charges.

Can You Give it to Someone as a Gift?

The answer is yes. You can give up to one ounce of marijuana as a gesture of goodwill.
However, you cannot use the phrase “as a gift” if you sell it.

Can You Drive While High?

No. You cannot smoke weed in your car while it is moving. Suppose you are smoking marijuana while driving; it will likely result in impaired driving skills for hours after you have ingested the drug, which may end up causing accidents.

Additionally, there are laws that prohibit driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so marijuana is not an exception.

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