Make Cannabutter and Oil with the MagicButter

Today we’re going to go back to basics. What do you really need for a good pot recipe. Well, first you need canna-oil or cannabutter. When you are making your canna-oil, it takes about six cups which I have measured out here of oil, and about an ounce of pod. Well, with your butter, you are going to use two sticks of butter and a half ounce. You would use a double boiler for your oil and just a sauce pan for your butter.
Now, that sounds all great and well, but who really has the time to stand over a stove and keep stirring and stirring and stirring for 45 minutes. I know I have better things to do. Today we’re going to use a better device. Here we have it. The MagicalButter. What you basically want to do is put the ingredients in, and push the button and it does all the work for you. We could use this gorgeous pod I have right here, but who wants to use their best bud on a recipe. Save those for a great occasion. Today we’re going to use shake.
We just open the top, and you see right here is an immersion blender all-in-one. How easy could they make it. There’s buttons on the top. You push one for the oil, you push one for the butter, and you’re on your way. Now, we are ready to add our ingredients. Now, we have our six cups of oil, looking gorgeous, and our favorite ingredient, our one ounce of pod. Now, if you’re as clumsy as I am, you’re going to get some pod on the end. I’m going to put the top back on and plug this sucker in. We want it at 160 for our oil. You push the temperature button, 160 is the first option, and then the one hour oil button. Away we go.
Now, we can let that sit for a while and get started on our cannabutter. We’re going to add our butter and our half-ounce of pot. Now, you want to make sure that the butter is not freezing. You wanted to make sure that it’s been at room temperature for a while. You’re just going to add it to our MagicalButter. One, and two. It’s slippery. Then we have our half-ounce of pod. Just add it right in. Of course, clumsy me, get whatever is left. Now we are going to add our top and the butter also cooks at 160. You push the temperature button 160, but now you’re going to push the two hour butter which it has perfectly labelled on the top here.
It’s been one hour and finally our cannabis oil is ready. It didn’t take too long now, did it? We’re going to take it out, and the thing that’s great about this MagicalButter is it comes with a strainer. Now, you’re going to find a bowl that will fit all the oil. You’re going to put the strainer in it and you’re going to pour your oil right into the strainer. Beautiful. Look at that color. Oh, I’m dying. It’s just gorgeous. Make sure that you’re straining and pouring because you don’t want to get any of the plant into the actual oil. I don’t even think crayon will make such a gorgeous color like that. Now we are ready to cook. If you’re not ready to cook right just yet, you can always refrigerate it for another time.

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