Best Portable Vaporizers of 2014-2016

12 best portable vaporizers  in 2016 that got our attention (reviews)

Here are the very best products for 2014: additional designs of cannabis vapes that are mobile as well as Vape pencil evaluations
Among the numerous things we’ll feel of when we look-back to 2014: vape being selected by Oxford Dictionaries as its Word-Of the Yr 2014.
Sense was really made by the choice, as more and more individuals are selecting to ingest their marijuana via progressively well-liked vape pencils — pencil, mobile -like vaporizers which can be omnipresent and unobtrusive.
Cannabisser experts happen to be critiquing the best (and worst) medical marijuana vape pen choices out there throughout the year, and we’ll carry on to examine the technologies during 2015 at the same time. Here are critiques of 1 2 vape pens as rated by their reputation on the website, we set to the test in 2016: 2015’s Winner of Best Marijuana Vape Pen Was of Course Dream Steam Vape.
Pax vaporizer
Pax Ploom vaporizer (Supplied by Pax Ploom)
1. Pax vaporizer by Ploom: My neighborhood head shop states the Ploom is its best-selling vaporizer, therefore obviously I needed to check out it. On first glimpse, its allure is clear: The smoking apparatus that is hand-held resembles an I pod participant that is cumbersome, using minimum marketing on the rear, an indicator light to the top and a glistening brushed-aluminum situation. Maybe not usually rocked by form over function, I found myself instantly drawn to the machine Apple-knock-off stylings. Examine more.
O.Pen vape.
O.Pen vape. (Photograph by Bill Livingston)
2. O.penVape’s first O.pen: Just Like pc technologies, vaporizers appear to get smaller every year, changing from background versions such as the Volcano — the first goldstandard — to the progressively well-known and broadly accessible portable vaporizers, a lot that derive from ECIG technologies. O.penVape is among the tiniest vape pens out there. The size of a creating pencil that is regular and doubly heavy, the vaporizer is not only based on cigarette — it’s exactly the same product that is exact. The bottom half the pencil is a battery that screws on a cartomizer — a pipe of hash oil as well as a heating component. Examine more.
Vuber: Dallas start-up markets container pencils (critique)
Dallas-centered Vuber is trying to to get this pen that was vape out there. (Bill Livingston, The Cannabisser)
3. Atlas: This Vuber pen is metal throughout, and comprises four bits that are distinct: end oxygen route and battery. It appears 5″ high and steps 1/2-inch in size. The atomiser comes with a ceramic dish about 1/4-inch-wide as strong. almost and Threaded from the other side of the dish is a it wick wound with a titanium warming coil. The pencil utilizes the super-frequent “510? Ecigarette lining, in order to swap-out additional 510- parts that are lined. Examine more.
Actually, that is a matter?
Marijuana-infused java. Device-rolled cannabis cigarettes. Combined- vending devices that are offering. A THC-infused, women-just lubricant. A food-truck marketing just implanted edibles. The massage via a dope- cream that is infused. Yes these are issues that are actual.
4. The Snoop Dogg Gpen: First of Science, let us be fair: this pencil does not vape — pot is combusted by it. The weed is positioned on a heating component sitting atop a base that is ceramic, plus the marijuana is completely burnt by it. Since it is advertised as a vaporizer several steam purists offend, but I am maybe not a steam purist. I simply view it as yet another solution to smoke weed. Examine more.
5. The Volta, by VaporGenie: The hand-held vaporizer is small greater than the usual hollow-block of timber, a couple of touches of a battery, steel and a number of magnets. And while it is an ingenious device that is little, it’s neither simple or amusing to make use of. Examine more.
6. It’s tubes for both blooms, also the The Top Professional, by VaporBlunt: The heat let hash and hash oil to vaporize and centers. When pulling in blossom folks, most readily useful stay to warmth degrees 1 and 2 as well as then, it’s pretty hot, and the neck may be irritated by that. Some vapes just take pains to raise the span of airpath involving the consumer as well as the heating component, however, the heater in the The Head Professional is an inch out of your mouth. That indicates the vapour is not cold, and that I found it far better bring gradually to counter-balance that warmth. Examine more.
7. The Firefly: The case that is fashionable starts just like a jewellery container using its easy-to-open rear — I felt as I I ought to have gift wrapped it before starting for myself. In, the machine using its redand metal situation that is gold tells me of a 1950s vintage-style appliance. Although a tad hefty in comparison with its rivals, it seems nice to to carry. Two entrepreneurs with the levels of master developed the Firefly in product design, also it reveals. Just of the vaporizer that is transportable appears intentionally contemplated. The face-plate connects only with integrated detaches and magnets to reveal the borosilicate-glass stainless-steel and plant chamber steam trail. The battery area on the back remains neatly shut, but slides off quickly using a hand drive. There is an option for heat as well as an electrical switch. Examine more.
8. The Rise, by Davinci: Davinci amazed from the beginning with all the Rise me. The vaporizer that is portable is well and fashionable -packed, however, what really grabbed my attention was the mouth-piece that brings from the the system just like a hay. Additional review revealed the Rise has an all- vapor trail, a much-praised attribute in desktop computer versions, but unusual in a vape that was mobile. Fascinating! Examine more.
Fear: Stern is told his solution remedy for large paranoia by Neil Younger
9. O.penVape’s Go.pencil: The fresh go.pencil is obviously adorable, just such as the Cloud V or the Small G or a number of additional miniature pencils are adorable. Unlike the first, extremely well-known O.penVape small pencil, which utilizes pre-filled hash oil capsules, the newest go.pencil is for packing your personal centers, and includes a “dibber dabber” to aid the procedure. Examine more.
Wulf Mods Tundra copies better, pricier mobile vapes (critique)
Wulf Mods Tundra (Bill Livingston, The Cannabisser)
10. Tundra, by Mods: I adore the feel of the Wulf Tundra within my hands. I love one, the straightforward – and its own wallet-friendly kind. The end appears to stick to more firmly as opposed to The Head Professional. As well as apparent steam clouds are produced by the Tundra whatsoever three warmth options. Examine more.
1 1. The Professional: The Pro is a vape pencil that is slick, plus it seems very well-built. The alloy components line together well, as well as the whole lot sits easily in the palm. It is pretty compact — only more than 4 4″ high using the oil atomizer that is hash as well as somewhat more using the clearomizer — plus conventional 510 lining is used by it, therefore the elements and tubes and additional batteries may perform nicely. A A small Hardware connection is included for getting the battery, as-is a cleansing clean as well as a dabber. Examine more.
The Solo is battery powered and features a cable. (Bill Livingston, The Cannabisser)
1 2. The Solo: Let Us be frank: the Solo isn’t as unsexy as the Firefly the Ploom, or the Rise. But I ain’t lookin’ to get a super-model, only a buddy to get me large. After all, we are not talking me, only a heat supply, some bud, and rocket-science — and that I got the final two parts protected, therefore provide the warmth. Examine more.
More product product critiques: Documents, glass supplies from Timberado Herbalizer, Uncooked Glass and much more. Need your equipment examined? Send us a message:

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