6 Amazing Cannabidiol (CBD) Statistics and Facts 2017

Cannabidiol (CBD) Statistics

cbdCannabidiol, also known as CBD is fast changing the belief attached to the medicinal use of cannabis.
A lot of people are conversant with THC, a chemical which is the basic content of marijuana, which intoxicates users. However, in recent times, attention has been drawn to another ingredient found in marijuana called CBD.
While medical experts seem to amplify the side effects of THC, the CBD may be free from such attention, and it seems to gain popularity in recent times. Here are:
Five Facts About Cannabidiol
Fact 1.
 CBD is the primary ingredient in Cannabis
Cannabis consists of over 60 compounds, of which CBD is one. The compound belongs to a category of molecules referred to as Cannabinoids. CBD and THC have the highest concentration, which makes them the most recognized and researched.
The Level of THC and CBD in plants varies from one plant to another. Research shows that cannabis cultivated for recreational purposes, usually has a higher concentration of THC than CBD.
But with the selective breeding method, cannabis breeders have been able to produce varieties with a higher level of CBD and near zero amount of THC. Although these were rare breeds in the past, they have gradually gained popularity in recent times.
Fact 2.
 CBD Has a non-psychoactive Effect
CBD, unlike THC, does not get you high. Although this fact makes it a less preferred option for recreational users, it increases the chemical’s importance for medicinal purposes, since health experts will most likely opt for treatments with the lowest side effects.
The psychoactive effects of the two compounds differ because the CBD acts on a pathway different from the THC. The pathways are referred to as CB1 receptors, and they highly concentrate in the brain, altering the mind of users; this is the case with THC.
According to a review published in Current Drug Safety, the writer reveals that CBD has no interference with the various psychological and psychomotor functions. It further explained that several researches showed that CBD is safe and well tolerated even with excess consumption.
Fact 3.
CBD comes with a lot of health benefits
Despite the fact that THC and CBD functions on different pathways, they tend to have similar health benefits. According to a British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology publication, research reveals the medicinal potentials of CBD.
Sadly, a lot of these proofs were discovered in animals, as only a handful of studies have been done in human patients.
However, a UK-based drug company, GW Pharmaceuticals, recently made a Pharmaceutical version of CBD. The company currently funds clinical experiments on CBD as a therapy for schizophrenia and some types of epilepsy.
In the same vein, some researchers at the California Pacific Medical Centre revealed that they would soon begin experiments on CBD for the treatment of breast cancer.
Fact 4.
CBD reduces the adverse effects of THC
CBD may naturally protect one against marijuana-induce high. Various studies show that CBD serves as a neutralizer of the intoxicating property of THC, which includes paranoia and memory impairment.
CBD also helps to reduce the sleep-inducing properties of the THC. This explains why certain breeds of marijuana boost alertness.
Both THC and CBD have been proven to have no risk of lethal overdose. Nevertheless, to curb possible side effects, people who take cannabis for medicinal purposes may get the desired result using marijuana with higher CBD concentration.
Fact 5.
CBD Remains Illegal
Even with the healing potentials of this compound, it is an illegal substance in many countries all over the world. In the US, CBD is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug and a Schedule II drug in Canada.
The United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), clearly state that any cannabis extract is regarded as a Schedule 1 drug; this includes CBD-rich extracts like CBD oils.
However, in a recent development, the U.S. FDA gave her approval for a trial request to carry out an experiment of the pharmaceutical version of CBD in Infants with critical cases of epilepsy. The drug, Epidiolex is manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals.
The manufacturer of the Epidiolex reveals that the drug contains over 98% CBD, small quantities of other cannabinoids and without a trace of THC. The company is also the manufacturer of Sativex (another cannabis-based drug) which is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis in over 24 countries.
In 2003, The U.S Health and Human Service were awarded a patent (US6630507) which as well covers using CBD as a treatment for several inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders.

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