Weed Detox- Natural Ways to Detox for Weed

Weed Detox- Natural Ways to Detox for Weed

Smoking cannabis is as inimical to health and addictive as smoking cigarettes. But the good news is that you can quit it once you make a firm decision. The only thing you need is a surefire program that guides you in easy to follow steps to get the weed out of your system fast without undergoing withdrawals.

You want to clear weed out of your system using the most reliable way. Whether you just want to pass a fast-approaching drug test or enjoy the benefits of a tolerance break, there are various natural ways to detox for weed. These are methods that cleanse your body of all related byproducts of weed, not mask or try to produce a negative urine result using adulterants.

How weed detox works

Detoxing involves stopping the consumption of a substance so that the body is cleansed of all the traces of the substance. So, the staying away from weed is one of the first steps of the process of detoxing for weed.

In addition to the immediate effects that you feel when you use marijuana, the drug leaves behind some metabolites called cannabinoids. These metabolites are the ones responsible for a positive marijuana test. They can be detected in urine, saliva, blood, hair and fingernails.

THC metabolites are the most profound cannabinoid remnants left behind when someone uses weed. THC is stored in the fatty tissue and is insoluble in water. The amount of THC in your body depends on a number of factors including:

  • Your frequency of using weed
  • Your metabolism rate
  • Concentration of fats in your body
  • Exercise or lack of it
  • The strain of weed that you use

If you use weed strains that are have high THC content, you are more likely to high higher levels of THC in your system. The opposite is true for low-THC weed strains.

The more frequently you use pot, the higher the concentration of THC and its metabolites in your system. Metabolic processes help to break down THC and release it out of your body. This means a higher metabolic rate is preferred to a lower one. The same case applies to exercise. According to various studies, increasing your exercise intensity and duration can increase the rate at which the body naturally gets weed out.

When to start weed detox

Since you want to cleanse your body of all THC the right way, it is important to start as early as possible. The more time you have to detox, the higher the likelihood of getting out as much THC as possible. There are people who manage to cleanse their bodies of weed by abstaining. If you want to follow this route in readiness for a drug test, start your detox many months before the test.

Apart from abstinence, other natural methods of weed detox include:

  1. Dieting

The choice of what you eat during the detoxing period can make the difference between passing and failing the marijuana test. The key is to eat healthy food and drink lots of water in the days toward the test. Some natural diuretics such as coffee and cranberry juice have been proven to be effective in reducing the levels of THC in the body.

Take note: eating more fiber increases THC excretion. Taking more soluble fiber such as cabbage, broccoli, artichokes, beets, spirulina, and seaweed can increase the amounts of toxins excreted in form of stool. Besides weed detox, you will also enjoy the benefits of regular bowel movements.

More fiber intake is also good for reducing the risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke, coronary heart disease, colon cancer and many other conditions.

2.    Alternating hot and cold showers

What does showering have to do with THC that’s inside the body?

Amazingly, water is a potent weed detox weapon many people aren’t aware of or doubt its effectiveness. Alternating hot and cold showers might be uncomfortable but it’s doable for those who really want to be free of weed.

This is how to do it: start with a 60-second burst of hot water, followed by a 30-second cold shower. If you find alternating hot and cold water too challenging, use lukewarm water after the 60 seconds of hot shower at first and gradually make the water colder.

Make sure to have between three and five hot/cold showers every day. Always end with a cold cycle.

This method helps to increase circulation, encourage lymphatic flow, and boost metabolism and immunity.

  1. Dry skin brushing

Ever thought of brushing your dry skin to open pores so that toxins can be released more easily?

This is an expert-approved method of detox. It aims at removing dead skin cells, improving blood circulation, and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Dry skin brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for cleaning THC and other toxins from your body.

A natural bristle brush or loofah is recommended for effective dry skin brushing. Before you start the actual brushing act, press the tips of your fingers, ribcage, armpits, groin area, and the indentation between the neck and collarbone to initiate the movement of lymph. Do it three times for each body part.

The best frequency for dry skin brushing is twice a day. If you are limited to one session only, do it at night as it will help the body detox for weed while you are asleep.

  1. Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil can increase blood circulation and the flow of fluids through the lymphatic system.

Place castor oil packs on the abdomen to cover areas where the colon and the kidney sit beneath. Another way is to rub the oil all over your skin and cover with a hot towel for at least an hour. Heat penetrates to the intestines and the liver to stimulate the removal of toxins like THC.

Oral consumption of a tablespoon of castor oil in the morning can perform colon cleansing. Take care not consume more castor oil than required as overconsumption can result to severe diarrhea.

  1. Vitamin C flush

An ascorbate cleanse, as it is commonly known, can help to remove THC from the body. It involves consuming extremely high Vit C amounts at regular intervals. Since it is water-soluble, vitamin C doesn’t get stored in the body. This is why you can take as much amount as possible to maximize the detox effect.

Vitamin C has other health benefits including immunity boosting and helping the body to absorb minerals. It also has antioxidant properties.

For an effective Vit C flush, use it in the morning on an empty stomach. Take at least 1.5 grams of vitamin C dissolved in water every 15 minutes. Continue until you get watery stools.

  1. Natural colon cleansing

Colon cleansing is a highly effective natural method of getting rid of THC from your body. Two approaches can be used: using specific detox products, or contacting an expert for colonic irrigation.

In the first approach, you purchase certain powdered or liquid supplements like sauna detox THC for the job. The most commonly used detox substances are herbal teas, magnesium, enzymes, laxatives, and enemas. Some substances can be taken orally while others have to go in through the rectum.

In the second approach, a therapist places a small tube in your rectum and turn on a low-pressure pump to flush your system with gallons of water. The water gets out of the system just like a normal bowel and wastes and toxins are removed from the body.

  1. Infrared sauna

Sweat and other body fluids account for about 20 per cent of the THC removed from the body. Increased sweating can potentially enhance the removal of THC and other toxins from the lymph and blood. Infrared saunas are known to induce profuse sweating. They also boost the body’s metabolism. Unlike a traditional sauna where most of the sweat is water (up to 97%), an infrared sauna reduces the concentration of water and increases that of toxic substances.

An important point to note here is that you should consume a lot of water before, during, and after the sauna.

How to detox for weed using an infrared sauna: Spend an hour in an infrared sauna with a 30-second cold shower break every 15 minutes. The cold shower increases your metabolism and promotes healthy circulation.


Does it feel like too much information?

You have limited time to cleanse your system of any THC. Using a marijuana detox guide to plan your detox schedule could save you a lot of time. If you are searching for ways on how to stop smoking weed, a marijuana detox program can help you to quit the habit faster and substantially reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxing to get rid of weed is an important step of the journey toward a life free of marijuana. It could mean more than just passing a drug test. You could be at the verge of quitting marijuana, and it is a huge step.

Regardless of the length of time you have used marijuana, the above natural methods can help you get it out completely from your body system. The drug has been lingering in your system for a while because you had not found a reliable way to get it out. But now you have a selection of ways to flush those metabolites out. You can do it with the natural remedies above, most of which can be done easily at home.

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