If European blower who like his PP particle or Amnesia smoke you may not always understand the excitement that surrounds Kush. Until you get once a well grown OG Kush owned least because you immediately understand that this weed is of a different caliber.
The special thing about it is not even the high THC value or the unprecedented harshness of the beautiful, often round buds. What makes this weed is the smell and the taste as OG Kush is an incredible amount of terpenes. Flavorings.
For years, weed species especially selected for their high THC values, but in recent years the focus is increasingly on the taste and weed species are selected using cannabinoids profiles so developers can choose their types very well flavorings. An extremely good development in our opinion.
About the name OG go quite a few different stories, OG Original Gangster or would stand for Ocean Grown and others say that it is an ode to cannabis forum OverGrown.com. In any case, the mystery, the weed species brought a lot of attention. But where the letters OG also decided that the weed itself is a real winner!
OG Kush buds are very compact and have a fresh green color and a crazy smelly (in a positive sense) odor, stopping a bag with OG Kush in your pocket and you smell all day to weed! The buds are round in shape and covered with a tasty layer trichomes. The flavor of OG Kush is earthy and sweet but present in enormous quantities so that you immediately notice how special the weed is.
Species: Hybrid (75% indica, 25% sativa)
Genotype: Skunk, Afghani
THC: very high
Flowering phase: 8 to 9 weeks
Seeds Company: Hy-Seeds

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