Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions

recreational-marijuana-plantFinding reliable cannabis payment solutions doesn’t seem like such a difficult task, at first.
Unfortunately, the cannabis industry (both recreational and medical) are often considered as “high risk” industries, meaning that many traditional banks and merchants feel that the cannabis industry is not as deserving of safe options for payment.

In order for this industry to grow and eventually become less of a risk, secure payment options need to be more readily available. These complex issues don’t have an overnight solution, but if you know what to look for, you can definitely get a jump start on securing your transactions.

Why Cannabis Business Owners Still Can’t Get a Loan

The main reason business owners are still unable to secure a loan for their marijuana business is because of how high-risk the industry is considered. Marijuana is a risky business because as of now, all transactions need to be made in cash. Some of these cash dealings are surprisingly high, which creates an added risk of robbery for cannabis business owners. Another thing is that according to federal law, it is still an illegal substance – even in places where it has been approved medically or recreationally. Because it remains illegal under federal law, banks refuse to offer loans or accounts to these businesses to stay compliant with all federal laws.

To increase the stability of fair payment processing solutions for the industry, companies need to get creative. With all the crime associated with cash-only transactions, it is completely understandable for you to want to find the most secure medical cannabis payment solutions. Every business owner will have a unique situation, so you need to find the solution that works best for you.

What Should You Look for When Finding a Cannabis Payment Solution?

There are many things to keep in mind when considering new payment solutions. Whether your business is big or small, recreational or medical, seeking out professional consultations and services is extremely beneficial. For example, our private encrypted digital security is tailored to provide the full range of services for whatever you need. Aside from the security and convenience of our solutions, here are some other benefits you should look for when finding a cannabis payment solution:

  • Personalized Payment Solutions

Cannabis 1You know you need to obtain secure end-to-end payment processing solutions for your business, but what exactly does that entail? Each person will need a custom solution to maximize the effectiveness of the plan. Finding a company that offers custom-fit plans that are much more individualized than the common standard plans is a smart route. A company with notable attention to detail when working through these plans that aim to provide the best option that suits your business model is your best bet.

You should look out for a company telling you to enroll in any extra plans that seem completely unnecessary for your specific business; it is important to protect yourself from getting swindled. Our team constantly treats merchants with the respect they deserve and is ready to assist them with any account services they need to help their business grow and flourish.

Taking part in a successful cannabis payment processing solution gives you access to the immense knowledge and expertise held by account representatives who are always readily available to consult with you over any issues. These account representatives should work with you to provide the competitive rates to make our services affordable and devise a unique plan to help their business succeed. With a reliable team of representatives, you will never have any inhibiting terms or conditions forced upon you that are not necessary.

  • Top Quality Customer Service

Finding an established payment processor with a high level of customer service can be difficult. Sub-par customer service can hinder the productivity of your payment processing; fortunately, our excellent team of representatives ensure that this is never an issue for our merchants. Every business owner needs to know they can rely on the customer service being provided.

Especially with being a high-risk business, you want to truly feel secure with your payment processing representatives to feel comfortable working towards a beneficial solution for your business. You should know that you are a valued customer and be treated with the time and dedication your business deserves. Our team offers reliable merchant accounts and offer the respect and customer service you deserve.

  • Competitive Prices

Finding a company that offers the most efficient pricing is very important. Our company, for example, has worked to analyze the best ways to reduce costs. By consulting with many other companies about payment processing methods, the best methods to get ideal payment results have been identified. Regardless of if your business offers medical or recreational cannabis, your business deserves affordable payment solutions for your merchant account. Competitive rates ensure the affordability of all consultations, services and payment solutions for the success of your business.

  • Both Domestic and International Retail and E-commerce


custom solution
custom solution

Finding a payment processing company with successful international banking relationships is important if you deal with any international commerce. Having a solid foundation of relationships with both domestic and international banks give you access to all kinds of secure payment solutions you didn’t have access to before. These relationships can give your payment solution provider the upper hand and more flexibility to provide even better cannabis payment solutions.

E-commerce has been a game changer for many industries, including cannabis. It is incredibly common for customers to purchase their goods online, which means secure E-commerce payment solutions is crucial. Fortunately, our solid domestic and overseas relationships ensure that we can provide this essential service for you. Finding a company with good international and domestic relations can help your business find a way to qualify for a loan, despite being a high-risk business.

The primary goal is to provide one-of-a-kind THC friendly services to merchants to resolve any issue they have. Mutual trust and transparency is the key help you find the perfect medical cannabis payment solutions. Contact us for more information for payment solutions when purchasing and selling medical cannabis.

Brenda V. lived in Costa Rica for four years where she was introduced to alternatives to traditional medications. It was there that she witnessed first hand, people that benefited from the use of CBD products for a multitude of issues with fantastic results.  She now has a passion for sharing this information with others!

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