Open Vape Pen Review

Open Vape Pen Review

Open Vape Review Quote: The oily residue from the first exhale was unpleasant but the wonderful fruity taste that came from the cartridge of this sativa strand more than made up for it.

Open Vape

open-vape-penreview-logoThe Cannabisser Open Vape review: If you are in the market for a great THC oil vape pen then no doubt you have heard about the 2 biggest names in THC oil vape pens and strain specific oil cartridges.  Namely the Dream Steam Vape Pen and the Open Vape Pen.  We are huge fans of both products and have taken the liberty to provide an accurate story of the initial and long term usage of the Open Vape Cannabis vape pens.
Warning the oil used has a noticeable taste that stands out compared to other cartridges.

Open Vape Cartridge

The Open Vape cartridges are unique in that they are wider it seems than traditional COS cartridges and often appear to contain more THC marijuana oil than other marijuana oil pen manufacturers.
Open Vape Pen(s) Cons:
open-vape-rose-gold-batteryOne thing of note we experienced often with this brand of medical marijuana (MMJ) vaporizer pen…the mouthpiece of the cartridge falls off easily.  At first we felt crummy and at that point  fully understood why the folks at Emerald Palace require you to try the THC cartridges before leaving the dispensary.  They evidently break a lot and they want to try and reduce the occurrences of this which is nice.
Even with the tip falling off however, the vaping still functions just fine if you place it back on to the cartridge body.  It could be cheap adhesive that holds the mouthpiece on or maybe just too much heat being left in a car or from prolonged use.  The jury is out on that one.
The other less than stellar attribute of the Open Vape is that they leak a bunch and shatter easily, thus wasting your meds.
Open Vape Pen(s) Benefits:  You get neat little refrigerator magnets with each new strain cartridge that run about $40.  Not for the magnet but for each new medical cannabis cartridge.

Open Vape CBD

Our staff have yet to try out a Cannabinol or CBD strain cartridge from Open Vape as of this publication.

Open Vape Battery

The battery lasts a long time on the
Compatibility with other brands.  Granted we never tried to put a dream steam cartridge on the open vape pen however we did successfully use many different sativa vs indica strain oil cartridges from Open vape on our portable Dream Steam vape pen.

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