What is Dabbing? Dabs Vs Weed

Is Dabbing Cannabis A Worthwhile Method To Overcoming Pain and Medical Problems

Girl holds Dab drop of cannabis concertrates
Dab Drip Onto Dabbing Rig

Most people who’ve been around cannabis in some form or fashion has heard the term “dabbing.”  For those that don’t know, dabbing is a type of consumption that’s been around for 10 years, at least. However, the method’s popularity has grown significantly with the innovative extraction methods that have been developed.
A dab is typically in reference to a concentrated dose that’s heated on a surface – think a nail – and then inhaled via a dab ring. While it doesn’t sound controversial, the community has become divided by the blasting dabs. Why? It causes a major high, which can give outsiders the wrong idea about cannabis.
Yes, there are some legitimate concerns surrounding the safety of the manufacturing and the strength of these concentrates. But, the trend isn’t completely bad. How can dabs help the legalization of cannabis movement?
A Look At Dabs and How They’re Produced
So, what exactly are dabs? They’re concentrated cannabis doses comprised of THC and other cannabinoids that are extracted using some kind of solvents such as carbon dioxide or butane. This creates a sticky oil known as shatter, wax, butane hash oil and budder.   It’s possible to remove the non-psychoactive composites like CBD, THC is likely the reason for the powerful effects dabs has and the quickest way to get medicated.
Aromatic oils provide cannabis its flavor such as Terpenes, which is extractable as well. This can be hard to preserve the compounds during the extraction process.
Are There Any Dangers From Dabbing? What Side Effects Can Result From Dabbing?
Weed Dab Drops onto Dabbing Rig
Weed Dab Dropping on Rig

Yes, dabbing is not good for the body due to the extraction process. It’s tricky to do, and thanks to the Internet, amateurs think they have it all figured out. Even if they do the process right, it could still lead to a low-quality product. If things go bad, it can lead to an explosion of the home. In fact, many people equate the dabbing method with the meth-making method. Not good at all!
It can also look scary. Glass bongs and weird substances are heated up via blow torches that many have compared to making crack. While the BHO has no similarities to those drugs, it’s still baked using a torch. The fears are that how dabbing looks could end up hurting the cannabis legalization movement.
By trying to do your own home extraction, you can create dirty oil that leaves behind chemical contaminants – these could present health problems to consumers.  If butane is an issue, the danger is minimal as it’s seen in products people use daily. It’s the additional contaminants that are concerning. When the method is done right, there is no problem of additional contaminants. The best thing to do is to let experts carry out the process.
Another concerning factor is the BHO, which makes it easier actually to overdose on cannabis. It’s still not lethal, but taking more than you should means passing out. Plus, safety advocates say it can lead to withdrawal symptoms.  There’s still not enough information about it.
Are There Any Medical Benefits To Dabbing?
The most positive aspect to dabbing is that they do help those people who really need it. Patients who have serious pain or extreme queasiness have noted dabbing has helped them to get instant relief. In order for relief to be attained like this from flowers, a lot of them would have to be vaporized or smoked.
There are safety issues that surround the extract process, but in a professional environment, these are controllable.  Professional extractors don’t use the hazardous open extract method but instead opt for the closed technique, which needs more advanced equipment. There are various extraction methods can be used like ice-water extraction or CO2 extraction. They are considered safer and eliminate the chance for explosions.
Cannabis Concentrates and Flowers: Are There Any Differences?
More research and testing must be done in labs to understand the relationship between technology and concentrates, especially to ensure better technology for the process. With a better extraction process being developed, the chances for homemade disasters go down significantly.
With more locations opening up to legally sell the concentrates, the need to create your own goes down. As technology continues to improve, there may be no reason to dab. Vaporizer improvements mean people will use the no-torch methods to heat oils.
The dabbing trend has led to more active community members – younger in age – to focus on the flowers and help create the best concentrates out there. With dabs still under legal scrutiny, more young activists in their 20s are getting involved with the movement.
There’s no doubt that dabbing is still in its infancy stage, but the concentrates it produces can offer real hope to cannabis patients and consumers. Dabs is just one option out of a plethora of them.

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