How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed or Marijuana

How to Beat a Cannabis Drug Test

Even though cannabis is finally getting the reputation it deserves (as it actually was in previous periods of human history), the reality of the situation is that many of us still have to take precautions with weed in order to keep our jobs and put food on the table.
There are many different types of tests, which will all be covered in this piece, and it’s good to know that they’re mostly conducted when applying to a new position.
Of course there are also surprise tests, which mostly occur in businesses where it’s crucial that employees don’t have any illegal substances in their system.
This is naturally very adequate for hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, opioids and pretty much all serious narcotics, but for the states that don’t have recreational cannabis legalized (yet?), this is still something all of us pot-lovers have to endure, and if we intend to keep our jobs, prepare for in a timely fashion.
But in spite cannabis being legal, there are still many privately owned corporations and companies that administer these tests even in countries and states where legalization already occurred.
First off, it’s crucial to understand and recognize different types of tests that are currently available.
They can be divided into five divisions, depending on the testing method, and they come in the form of urine, hair, blood, sweat and saliva tests.
Without any doubt, the most popular type of test is urinalysis, which make up, as statistics shows us, about three fourths of all testing, and the saliva tests are definitely the most rare, at around just one percent.
The majority of employers rent testing labs to administer these tests, and you’ll most likely have to go to a different location then your place of business, even though it’s also not rare to have the test conducted in the privacy of your office.
It can also occur that the employer gets DIY tests and perform the testing without any additional staff.
Because the biggest percentage of drug tests are the ones who detect irregularities in your urine sample, we will center our attention around this specific method.
Guaranteed not to help out are niacin, cranberry juice, vinegar, additional hydration and so on, as they are mostly half-truths and web-rumors, but be assured that these items will get you nowhere as far as the actual testing goes.
As this graphic shows, it takes about 7 days for the body of an occasional user to clean itself from THC, for casual users anywhere from 10-18 days, and for super-heavy users from 4 to 6 weeks.
This number is for healthy individuals who’re in average shape, and of course modern science has birthed some great detox cleansers, who can quicken the entire process.
People usually rely on such products when they don’t have too much time to spend, and in order to avoid advertising, you should search google for natural THC detoxification products, to find a proper product in your area.
Using these solutions, your body will get rid of any THC that is still inside of you in about one week.
These natural herbal supplements aid you to get rid of any THC stored in your urine much quicker than with just exercising, healthy diet and so on.
There are also some quicker solutions where you have a small window to perform the test (which lasts for around six hours).
These products work by temporarily flushing all the THC and pretty much all other toxins from your bladder, but after this brief period of time the THC from other parts of your body will slowly find its way back to the bladder, and you’ll be positive once more.
To find most popular cleansers for this type of situation just search “same day THC detox cleansers”, and the highest quality products will appear top-page.
But if you have enough time to detox yourself without any supplements, there are a lot of ways to naturally help your body to remove all the THC from itself.
I’ll try to cover all of them, and the first one is definitely to properly hydrate yourself.
The way water works is that it keeps our body in a good state where it can battle pretty much anything you want it to do. It can be said that water is pretty much a starting move which needs to be done right for all other steps to work good.
Another very important aspect is exercising, because THC is mostly stored in our fat cells, and the best way to burn fat is to get your heart-rate up, and this is best performed with cardio exercises.
You can also add some weight training to the mix, just keep it in high repetition, and sweat the THC right-out! Another great type of exercise is swimming, which also speeds up the metabolism very nicely.
Healthy diet is also quite crucial for a well-functioning metabolism, and foods like broccoli, spinach and kale are essential for getting all the vitamins and minerals the body needs to recuperate quickly.
Vitamin C is a great partner in crime, because the electrolytes fasten the detox process. It’s best to use freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange juice and lemons, because regular juices just won’t have the same potency as real fruit, which is of course pretty logical.
Junk foods like cheeseburgers, bacon, crepes and all other similar ones will only slow your metabolism because of all the fat and sugar that’s in them, and they also contain a lot of sodium which causes our body to store water for longer periods of time.
So to sum it up, if you’re trying to detox your body from THC as soon as possible, just stay clear of anything that you deem unhealthy, and you can’t go wrong.
There are also several types of tea which are supposedly awesome for helping detox, and the best ones are Green Tea and Dandelion.
They are high in antioxidants, and have a lot of electrolytes that help the liver eradicate all the junk from itself. Tea also has caffeine, which speeds up our metabolism, burning the fat where most of the THC is stored in.
Fibers are also a fantastic way of improving your overall health, and the foods most rich in fiber are peanut, soy, cashew, walnut, hazelnut and beans.
Another great source of fibers are non-enriched organic whole wheats.
If you’ve followed all of these instructions for an entire month it’s pretty impossible that your body still has traces of THC in it, but for the nervous nellie’s there is always an option to buy a home THC urine test and check out if you have successfully detoxed or not.
But as I mentioned before, if you followed through on everything (and are already in decent shape and heath), the chances are extremely slim that you’ll still have any cannabinoids in you body.
The thing that’s also of great importance is not to use cannabis during this process, because you’ll just get new THC in your fat-cells, and all the work you’ve done trying to detox your body will go to absolute waste.
This is naturally pretty evident, but I had to mention it, just in case.
If you’re currently overweight (or obese), this will drastically extend the time period needed to get yourself fully detoxified from THC.
Studies suggest that for people who weigh around 200 pounds, it takes on average about 16 weeks for your body to be clean from cannabis, because as mentioned, the majority of THC is stored in the fat-cells of our body.
It should also be noted that a new trend is rising in THC testing, and that is hair samples.
Hair THC tests are becoming more popular because cannabis can remain in the as long as six to twelve months, but the labs only check for the last 90 days.
This method is more expensive than urine tests, so you can potentially expect it if you work on a highly paid position, or if you work for a really successful company.
Also, hair samples cannot be taken if your hair is too short, or if you’re bald for instance.
For this reason, urine THC tests are still a go-to technique for the largest percentage of employers.
But all of these tests will hopefully become obsolete in the near future, as the public perception of cannabis is becoming more and more positive, and as legalization and decriminalization spreads across the world.
There will probably always be occupations that are strictly forbidden to ingest marijuana, like jet pilots and other high-responsibility jobs, but I sincerely hope that it will be allowed for the rest of us mortals pretty soon.
Remember, no cannabis for a month, frequent physical activity that involves your heartbeat going up, abstain from unhealthy foods filled with fat and sugar, increase your fresh vitamin C intake, eat as much healthy legumes, nuts and fiber-rich foods, and hydrate heavily with water and tea.
But if you don’t have a whole month, give the products I described in the beginning of the article a go.
I hope you found this piece useful, and if the situation calls for it, follow this guide carefully, and you’ll be able to beat your test quite easily and without any stress whatsoever.
Author bio: Marco is a writer at Greencamp, a Canadian cannabis blog. He is mostly in charge of culture-related articles, and his interests include reading, working out, conspiracy theories, and taking long walks with his dog while drinking coffee and smoking pot.

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