Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

red-diesel-351x185Finally there is a feel-good way out for anxiety sufferers that is not just a self-medicating endeavor but will actually aide in improving health and well-being mentally, emotionally and physically!
Anxiety is one of the silent vexations and attacks without warning for some. Many remain in the shadow of their anxiety for decades unheard and afraid to say a word to anyone. This could be because they are afraid to lose a job or a partner or even just the embarrassment of saying hey, I have panic attacks. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone that experiences this.
Cannabis, it has been demonized in the past but now, we see why. It’s one of the most powerful cures for what ails society today. We are fortunate that steps have been taken to at least make medical marijuana legal in some states which will afford the public the stellar opportunity to take part in feeling good again!
Cannabis Strains for Anxiety
There is proof that cannabis does assist with anxiety if used in the correct way and the correct strain. In some cases using the wrong strain can cause the opposite of the desired effect. This is nothing to be concerned about–it’s only a matter of being educated on the subject and you’ll get that here.
The one single most important fact to know is the difference between THC and CBD. The THC is the chemical that is more likely to be linked to feelings of anxiety and paranoia. All strains contain trace or more of each THC and CBD. But the right strains will not deliver the effects of THC.
image-3-351x185CBD is the chemical that is reported to lower anxiety in both persons who already suffer from anxiety and in healthy people as well at times where anxiety is being experienced due to an issue. The chemical is called Canabidol. Canabidol or CBC as we will reference it, is non-psychoactive. It is a poor choice, only to recreational users but to those that are trying to combat the debilitating effects of anxiety; it comes highly recommended. It can’t be psychoactive simply because it does not utilize the same pathways that THC will. The THC is what travels along the CB1 receptors. Cannabis anxiety studiesh ave come to the conclusion that CBD does not affect psychomotor or psychological functions.
Other Medical Benefits of CBD
Antiemetic Reduces nausea and vomiting
Anticonvulsant This Suppresses seizure activity in those with Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
Antipsychotic Helps to Combat psychosis disorders
Anti-inflammatory Brings down inflammation in the body which is the cause of many killer diseases such as cardio vascular disease and cancer
Anti-oxidant Combats neurodegenerative disorders
Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer Directly combats tumor and cancer cells
Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant And of course, last but never least it combats anxiety and depression disorders
List of the Helpful Strains of Marijuana on Anxiety
Indicas is the strain of cannabis that is preferred because it brigs the person into a relaxed state of mind. Where sativas will speed it up, causing more of a reverse effect. On a scale from one to five stress is the top factor that it will resolve for the user. The very close second is pain and a close third is insomnia, then depression and lack of appetite. The recommended type is called Granddaddy Purple.
1346265800491wonder_woman_jpg_leader-351x185The next type is called Jack Herer. It is a high THC Sativa that is not the first recommendation because as it will calm the person it is still a more euphoria-type strain. The main points on this one is that it mainly causes extreme happiness then an uplifted feeling which is a close second. After that a euphoric feeling which will boost creativity. This all sounds good but the one element that may not be so conducive to the relaxation. That element is that it makes people energetic. It’s not the best for those with anxiety but it does ease the person back down with a gentle euphoric pull.
The next type is called Cannatonic. This has a better CBD profile and is great for THC sensitive folks. The first of the effects is that it provides relaxation. Then happiness then upliftment, focus and sleep. This may also be great for those that have to focus and have trouble doing do due to anxiety or ADHD.
The last is called Girl Scout Cookies. This one has won awards for it’s effectiveness with anxiety in the form of PTSD because of the lack of anandamide which is a THC like chemical that is low for those suffering from this disorder.
1346119887912white_rhino_jpeg_leader-351x185Most of the strains will make you happy, euphoric, relaxed and maybe a little sleepy. There is more than enough out there to experiment with that have a higher amount of CBD (High CBD Straings) than THC. There should be no reason that you should have to feel uncomfortable thinking you have to risk the adverse side-effects of a high THC strain. The best is right there at your fingertips to try and to see what actually helps. It may take a try or two to find the right one, but, once you do, you should be able to carry on for years of relief and enjoyment.

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