Marijuana Pipes vs. THC Vaporizers – Should I Vape or Smoke?

Cannabis Pipes vs. Marijuana Vaporizers

The popularity of vaping has exploded in recent years. This trend has led to a lot of smokers dropping the cigarettes and picking up vape pen. The vape industry has had a profit increase of $2.5 billion over the last few years.

Although vaping provides a better alternative to cigarettes and nicotine, what does its rise in popularity mean for other traditional methods of smoking? Bongs were previously the most commonly used method of smoking if you check the AZ MMJ allotment checker.  Some view vaporizers as a way to replace the use of bongs.

A lot of younger smokers are turning to vapor instead of bongs and bowls. If you’re a bong owner who is looking to start vaping or vice versa, you’re probably trying to decide which method is better suited for you. This guide is going to compare the flavor, potency, health, and convenience of both methods and help make your decision a bit easier.

Health Factors

Living a healthy lifestyle and being a smoker were mutually exclusive until the introduction of THC vaporizers. Although it’s not completely clean, in comparison to smoking, vaping is much less harmful to the body. Burning herb produces tar and many other carcinogens. Vaporizers remain below the point of combustion, only releasing essential oils.

The by products created from pipe smoking are much harsher than those from vaping.  However, there is the possibility of vaporizers malfunctioning. You can find thousands of vapes online. Some are made by reputable companies, and some are made in China with minimal regulations. This means the products used to create the vapes are sometimes below standard, which can create health hazards. Some vaporizers contain heavy metals and or glue which turns to gas at high temperatures.

Regardless of the low-quality vapes, there are many reputable manufacturers available as well. Ceramic and titanium heating mechanisms tend to be of higher quality. Avoid those made of steel, glass, or any fiber wick. It is important to find a vaporizer made with quality parts. Make sure you do your research and read up on products and retailers before you buy.

Discretion is Key

Who wants thick and smelly smoke to stick to their clothes all day? The answer is no one. Portable vapes resolve this issue. Remember discretion is key, vapes allow for this. Instead of the lingering smell that you’ll get with a bong or hand pipe; vapes allow for a softer cloud, one that dissipates quickly.

When smoking a portable vape, no one knows exactly what you are inhaling. On the other hand, if you are smoking a joint, cigarette, cigar, etc. your product use is clear. With this being said, it can still be rude to vape in public places and may be banned depending on where you are. Just because the smoke cloud is reduced and the product is concealed does not mean you have the freedom to do as you please. Being mindful of your location and surroundings is essential.

Quick Blaze

Yes, I know what your thinking. Pushing a button, on a rechargeable vaporizer seems like the easiest and quickest option. This is only true if you neglect the issues that come along with a vape. Let’s be real, loading a bowl, rolling a joint, or stuffing a pipe only takes a matter of minutes to do. Loading and cleaning the tiny chambers within a vape can take up to ten minutes alone.

Portable vaporizers eventually run out of battery and need to be recharged. What happens if you really want a hit but an outlet is not accessible? Sparking a bowl, pipe, or joint is a much more reliable way to consume herbs and oils. When a vape is losing charge hits are much less potent and sometimes worthless. However, when smoking a pipe or papers, using a lighter or matches, your hits will always be strong.



Everything has a temperature of vaporization. Waters vaporization point of 100°C is different than that of an oil or herb. Flower contains multiple chemicals which all vaporize at different temperatures. Newer vape pens allow for temperature control. The higher the temperature the more harsh your hits will be. As the temperature decreases the amount of cannabinoids emitted does as well. Higher temperatures are for smoker who want a hard hit. Lower temperatures for those who want a calm soft hit.

Flavor Selection

Vaporizers do not burn plant material. They burn e-juice, oil, and plant concentrates. These give off a much cleaner and softer flavor. However, vaporizers that are not properly maintained tend to have horrible aftertastes.
Regular smokers tend to itch for the hardcore flavor and experience of pipes and joints. Vaping is a much gentler form of smoking. The experience more so depends on the vape being used and cleanliness of the unit.  The flavor you receive from smoking a pipe or joint comes directly from the strain. The thick smoke and hard flavor are almost always apparent.

Whether your personal preference is a vape or a pipe, all users know as you smoke the flavor quality degrades. The first hit is always the best, as you work towards the ash flavor decreases. Overall both forms have their positives and negatives. Vaporizing concentrates tend to be more flavorful, yet they are less robust.

The Costs and Benefits

Be smart with you money! Do the necessary research and planning before your first purchase. You do not need to spend a fortune, but do not spend $10 on a vape or pipe. Spending this little will only lead to disappointment in most cases.


Although they have been around for years, it was not until recently that vaporizers have received a lot of attention. When heat and e-juice are combined they create a vapor which is inhaled. Vaping tends to be clean and produces minimal odors. Vaporizers through the years led to the evolution of vape pens and vape mods.

The vape pen is a compact and portable vaporizer. The size of the vape is approximately that of a pen or cigar. Through the inhalation of heated oils and herb your exhale will be a smooth vapor. Similarly, vape mods are basically a larger, more powerful and complex vape pen. Vape mods create a much denser vapor. This thick vapor improves the overall hit and flavoring of the e-juice.
Keeping in mind the size differences and complexities of the pens, it is clear vape pens are cheaper. This does not mean the higher costs of the vape mod is not worth it. They are more expensive for a reason!

If you are looking to start your vaping journey today remember to purchase wisely. Vaping technology can be confusing and challenging to new users. Start with a beginners device and enjoy a quick and easy session. Just because it is an entry-level product does not mean it will not last forever. Entry level vape pens and vaporizers tend to cost $20-30.

Bongs and Pipes

Bongs and pipes tend to be more popular among tobacco and flower smokers. Pipes and bongs can be made from several different materials; plastics, ceramics, glass, and bamboo. Glass bongs are the most common form, they do not compromise the taste of your herb. The most common bongs all consist a mouthpiece, stem, chamber, and bowl.  Using a bong allows for large amounts of inhalation.

Less expensive bongs will not give you a harsh hit. If you are really looking for that harsh smoking experience the price of the piece will greatly increase. Prices can reach as high as a couple thousand dollars.

Statistics show the on average vape pen users spend about $600 per year on electronic vapes. A regular pipe or bong user spends nearly quadruple that, a staggering $2,300 a year. When choosing vapor you save about $1,700 a year.
You Choose!
At the end of the day, the method of consuming herb and or oil is totally preference. More health-conscious people will choose vaporizers, while hard core smokers may choose a pipe or bong. In my personal preference I think vaporizers are much more technological savvy, portable and convenient. Vaporizers allow for use on the go and throughout travel. Traveling with a pipe or bong can become troublesome and in some cases illegal. If I were a smoker who was home most of the time and wanted a hardcore session each time, a bong may be a smarter choice. Make sure to think of your personal situation when trying to decide on a method of consumption. Either way, the choice is yours. Hopefully the information provided helps you make a decision on which method is for you!

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