Top 10 Cannabis Vacation Destinations


Destinations in the U.S. and Canada

Las Vegas NV

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Las Vegas it is easy to see why the cannabis capital of sin is weed friendly and 420 happy.


got-vape-logoColorado kicked off U.S. legalization back in 2012, just before Washington State. Denver has become something of a cannabis Mecca in the United States recently thanks to quality weed and decent pricing. There’s no shortage of pot-friendly hotels either as the Bud and Breakfast industry has taken off. By staying at a B&B, hosts will typically provide a vaporizer either for free or for a small fee. Many offer in-room consumption with modern day vaporizers, but also provide an outdoor area to consume combustible methods. The city also offers several pot tours, where you can visit local dispensaries and even get pot-cooking lessons at some locations. Costs vary widely, but $10/gram is the average.


The home of seemingly endless rain, great coffee, and the start of the grunge music movement, Seattle is another can’t miss cannabis vacation destination. It also is the place for Seattle Hempfest, held every August, and Canna Con, the “World’s Largest Cannabis Expo.” In Washington, you can purchase up to 28 grams from sealed packages that you can smell and inspect before purchasing. Take a ride on the Canna-Bus, a 30-ft lounge and sanctuary devoted to all things cannabis. Watch glassblowers make their wares or join a drum circle in Seattle. Once you’re sufficiently lifted, enjoy the view from the iconic Space Needle or go watch vendors toss fish in the famous Pike Place Market. Like Colorado, prices fluctuate, but the average cost of a gram is about $10.

Vancouver and Toronto, Canada

Nicknamed “Vansterdam,” Vancouver sports an Amsterdam-like vibe with its cannabis-friendly cafes and easily obtainable seeds. Though still technically illegal, cops usually turn a blind eye to quantities under a quarter ounce. However, don’t expect to order off the menus, the cafes are strictly BYO, but good cannabis is not all that hard to acquire. Come to Toronto at high noon on the first Saturday in May to participate in the largest Global Marijuana March, when some 20,000 activists take to the streets. Private vapor lounges abound, where you can vaporize your bud with a pen, and things will certainly be changing in 2018, which is when national legalization is set to kick in. A gram will cost about $12.70.


Perhaps hosting one of the largest State Chapters of NORML helped lead to the state legalizing cannabis for recreational use in 2014. Portland is famous for its great food, craft breweries, and its indie bookstore, Powell’s. While there are oodles of dispensaries, smoking up in public is still illegal. Thankfully, there’s the Oregon Coast. Every bit of the land is public and belongs to the people, and shops abound along the 363 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway. Rustic and free camping areas provide the perfect place to light up next to a campfire or make some cannabis-infused s’mores and enjoy all nature has to offer. Average prices are in line with the rest of the U.S., meaning it can vary widely, but expect about $10 a gram on average.


You might not immediately think of Alaska as a premier cannabis destination, but it is! The state has had a privacy law protecting the right to grow and possess pot at home since 1975. A bonus, Anchorage is the only city in the four legalized states listed that has approved licensed adult-use venues. During the summer, it stays light most of the 24-hour day, but winter brings darkness during the day, but there’s a bonus: the trippy lights of the Aurora Borealis. From Fairbanks, you can enjoy the light show best between August 20th to April 20th, as well as an invigorating hot spring located conveniently in the great outdoors. Like most places in the United States, prices vary, but the national average is $10/gram.
Whether you’re new to cannabis consumption or consider yourself a connoisseur, there are a multitude of pot-friendly spots located across the globe. If you’ve already checked out the places listed, you might be up for a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru, where you can carry up to 8 grams to the sky-high city and pontificate on just how the ancient complex was constructed. You might also consider a trip down under, to Nimbin, Australia, home to MardiGrass, held on the first weekend of May. Nimbin, located in New South Wales, is an oasis that tolerates the open sale and use of cannabis.
Wherever you decide to plan your next cannabis vacation, these spots are definitely worth the travel to take in some worldwide cannabis culture. It’s also a good idea to check local laws for any changes or special restrictions and what you’ll need to do so that customs won’t spoil your vacation at the end of your trip!
Select states in the U.S., as well as several countries around the world, have gone through the process of either greatly decriminalizing or outright legalizing marijuana. With the discovery of medicinal benefits cannabis has on some conditions many people began smoking – for both medicinal and recreational purposes, the era of the “Cannabis Vacation” is in full swing. There are dozens of vacation destinations for the stoners in all of us, both foreign and domestic. Take a look at the list of places we’ve compiled as some of the top cannabis vacation destinations. All cannabis prices are in USD and as accurate as we could gather at of the time of writing.

International Destinations

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

No pot vacation destination list would be complete without the “Mecca” of stoner travel, Amsterdam. Dutch lawmakers were pioneers in the decriminalization game back in 1976, taking a soft approach to the drug. Hundreds of coffee shops offer almost endless strains of bud and hashish, which can be consumed on premises. You can only purchase 5 grams at a time and you have to be 18 or older. Afterwards, take a walk and look at the trippy architecture. Every November, Amsterdam becomes the haven of all things cannabis, when High Times hosts its annual Cannabis Cup competition, with categories for best strain and best desktop and or best portable vaporizer. A gram here will cost you about $7.50.


Uruguay was the first country to completely legalize cannabis back in 2014. Located between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay has an artsy, bohemian vibe, and although it is illegal for non-citizens to buy porro, the local term for cannabis, most locals don’t mind sharing. While Uruguay doesn’t boast the world’s cheapest cannabis, you can’t really beat $1 per gram. Consumption of the drug is legal, even in public. You can even take a pot tour that takes you to the steps of parliament, where you can blaze up in celebration of the signing of the historic laws.


Jamaica has long been associated with Rastafarian culture, which has spiritual ties to cannabis. Despite this, the drug is still technically illegal, though decriminalization occurred in 2015. Cannabis is in ready supply and easily acquired through either a cab driver or a local Rastafarian. In some spots, you can obtain a rental for your vacation where your host will provide bud for you. A gram here will cost about $1.40, and you can follow in the steps of Bob Marley and enjoy the sunshine and the rich, island culture.


Spain boasts two must-visit cannabis destinations: Barcelona and the Canary Islands. Barcelona is currently being touted as the “new” Amsterdam, thanks to the booming cannabis clubs. A membership in the club is a prerequisite for the cannabis to be legal, so pairing up with a local is a must. Plus, its close proximity to Morocco guarantees access to quality hashish. Every March, Barcelona hosts Spannabis, the world’s largest cannabis-community gathering in Europe. The Canary Islands are also a popular destination, thanks to the year-round beautiful weather and world-class resorts. After smoking up, take a cable car up to the summit of Mount Teide, or take a swim in the lava rock pools of Garachico. Cannabis in Spain is a bit more expensive, with a gram costing about $5.00.

Christiana, Denmark

Cannabis is illegal in Denmark, unless you visit the small town of Christiana, which is located in the center of Copenhagen. A total of 84 acres in size, Christiana was established by artists in 1971 as a social experiment. Christiana has its own flag, currency, and is beyond the reach of Danish law. As such, cannabis shops operate 24 hours a day. Pusher Street, the main drag, allows for the drug to be sold openly, but you’ll want to stick to daytime visits. Christiana does have a “green light” district hosting a farmer’s market of various strains of buds as well as brownies and hash. Keep in mind that the farmers here are extremely camera shy, so your camera – or your camera phone – might not be well tolerated. Also, be sure to haggle for better prices, $13.50 a gram is the average.
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