Weed Subscription Boxes

Top Nine Marijuana Subscriptions Boxes

It’s possible to find subscription boxes for all kinds of different things- makeup, exotic snacks, perfumes, pets, and more. If you can think of it, it probably exists! Subscription boxes are sent from a company to your door once a month full of whatever samples and goodies the company caters to. You simply sign up on the website of your choosing, choose the package you would like delivered to you, and then let the website automatically send it out. It’s just that simple!

If you are a lover of all things cannabis, you may want to try a cannabis subscription box. You won’t find any products that contain THC in many of these boxes unless you are in California, but they are still filled with many items you will love if you are a “canna-connoisseur!”

Check out the nine cannabis-friendly subscription boxes below that are definitely worth the cost. They will be delivered discreetly to your door every month until you decide to cancel!

1.Daily High Club

For either $1 to $30 per month you can get a box delivered to your door with all the main essentials you could use, such as hemp wicks, papers, and other accessories. Depending on your preference, you can choose from their “All-Natural” box to their “El Primo” box.


There are a few options for those who want to try a subscription box from Hemper. The classic Hemper box is a good one to start with, or buyers can choose the Glassentials or Essentials Box. Each box is perfect for beginners or seasoned users. The cost is just $12 to $30 every month.


For “his” and “hers” subscriptions, SensiBox is the one you will want. Not only do the boxes offer many cannabis-related products, but customers will also find other fun items such as socks and jewelry in their boxes every month. The price for these boxes start at $12 per month and go up to $27 per month.

4.420 Goody Box

The 420 Goody Box offers many products that are perfect for the cannabis user, such as glass pipes and rolling papers. However, the company also sends out snacks in every box- perfect for when the munchies hit. Plus, who wouldn’t want snacks delivered right to their door? The average cost is $10 to $80 every month.

5.Hippie Butler

The Hippie Butler subscription boxes cater to many customers. Choose the smoking styles and products that you will use the most, and then let Hippie Butler put together a box for you. You’ll find concentrates, flowers, and rolling essentials in every box for $12 to $140 every month.

6.Monthly Stash

Monthly Stash is the perfect weed subscription box for those who would rather wrap up their product rather than pack it. Customers will find blunt wraps, rolling papers, and lighters in their box every month. Never run out of supplies for just $20 a month.


PufferBox is the perfect subscription box for those who want a large array of products delivered right to their front door month after month. The boxes come chock-full of products such as papers, glassware, gadgets, snacks, and many other accessories. The cost? Just $23 to $25 a month.


ClubM is the perfect combination box for the true cannabis connoisseur. This subscription box is “invitation-only” and there isn’t guaranteed acceptance, so if you do get off of the waiting list, be sure to hang onto it! You’ll get lots of top-shelf flower and plenty of premium supplies delivered to you for $97 a month. This subscription box is only available in California.


When you are looking for the best of the best, AuBox is where it is at! AuBox offers a number of subscription types, such as intimates boxes, edibles boxes, and pet boxes. Every box is full of wonderful cannabis products and will be delivered discreetly to your door every month. The cost is $99 to $140 a month, a little higher than most. However, when you want the best, it is worth the price tag. This subscription box is also only available in California for the moment.

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