How the Future Looks for Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

Marijuana dispensaries have been selling recreational pot for about 18 months in Nevada. Most people who are involved in the industry say that it’s been a smooth transition that has required a lot of learning. The local news media questioned some cannabis industry people about the future outlook for their product. News representatives visited the GTI’s cannabis production plant in Carson City, and they spoke with some people who were busy rolling up marijuana cigarettes in a cramped area where they were listening to some lively music on the radio.

These few workers represent a portion of the new 8,300 jobs that have been created by the burgeoning industry. The man in charge of the workers was a former manager in Carson City. Nick Marano stated that the new legalized pot industry provided fun jobs that allowed workers to participate in building a new industry. He feels that the outlook of the industry is both exciting and challenging.

This excitement comes from an increase in jobs and a higher flow of tax revenue that is provided by the new industry. Consequently, the governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, is optimistically furthering the cause of legalized marijuana. The governor and lawmakers are undergoing the process of creating a new compliance board for the regulation of cannabis.

The board will oversee all regulations and remain transparent about best practices so that all facilities and workers can easily stay in compliance so as not to interrupt business. The governor wants the public and the industry to be aware of the activities that are happening in the government surrounding the marijuana industry. This transparency is designed to help the industry flourish.

Investors in the marijuana industry are hoping to see fair tax policies so that cannabis companies remain successful. Customers should expect reasonable prices so that they don’t go elsewhere for their products. Riana Durrett, a member of the Association of Nevada dispensaries near Las Vegas, does not support actions to encourage recreational pot use. However, she does believe that people should be educated about the legalities of the industry so that they don’t turn to illegal sellers and dangerous products.

According to local law enforcement data, the only reported consequences of recreational pot use is an increase in arrests for driving under the influence of substances. The sheriff in Washoe County stated that the illegal drug trade has not diminished since pot sales were legalized in Nevada. He remarked that the police will continue to combat illegal pot use, regardless of the recent changes in the law. In any case, the trend of pot legalization continues, and all states are likely to change their laws to allow recreational marijuana usage in the near future.

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